Monday, January 26, 2009

Higley High School to Sponsor Project Pink

The event will be held at Higley High School. 

When: Sat. Feb. 28, 2009

Time: 10AM-1PM

Friday, January 16, 2009


Project pink is only one month away. I am sooo excited, and I know many of you are too. I am excited to say we have over 400 members and supporters. Thank you to all of you who understand this message and how important it is that we support this cause as individuals who in turn can make a huge difference together.

With that said, we have t-shirts we will be selling, before the event to help support the cause. All proceeds will go directly to the "project pink" event. Traci Smith designed them and did an excellent job!! Thanks Traci. If you are interested either make a comment on blog or email me directly at The T-shirts will range from 20-35 a T-shirt. We will also have kids T-shirts available price to come on those.

These are different from the T-shirts being given out at the event for free for the first 300 attendees.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Project Pink: Loving Yourself from the Inside Out is a free community event geared to radically alter the way girls and women view themselves.  Our objective is to create an experience for them to love, honor, and accept all of who they are.  We believe that insecurity, comparison, and self-doubt are learned behaviors that can be replaced with powerful principles that lead girls and women to celebrate their identity, honor their gifts, and do the same for others. 

The event chairman, Jenny Schomaker, a Phoenix area professional photographer has joined forces with nearly 20 local business and community members to create an interactive experience for females of all ages, denominations, schools, and walks of life.  Among those contributing are life coaches, psychotherapists, designers, various church group leaders, and most of all, local mothers.  All family members are invited to attend, especially mothers and fathers. 

Education and hands on learning will be conducted throughout the day in large and small group classes.   

Educational Classes: 

Loving Yourself from the Inside Out: Keynote; Heather Madder, Author & Talk Radio Host 

Honoring Yourself by Pursuing a Healthy Lifestyle; Tara Martinsen, Live Well Coach, LiveWell International 

Owning Your Identity; "Girls are Great"--Cami Covey-Doucet, LAC Psychotherapist  

Write Your Own Life Story--Melody Ross; Founder of Chatterbox Scrapbooking Company
Hands on Activities: 

Glitz It Now: Scrapbooking

Strictly Curls: Hair Styles 

JSchomaker Photography: Photo sessions 

Christine Devaney: Promise Bracelets

Free t-shirts will be provided to the first 300 attendees as well as Project Pink bracelets for all those in attendance.  

This is more than just an event--it's a movement of love and acceptance of self and others.